At the heart of business


Rebranding the Canadian Payroll Association to be at the heart of every business

Established in 1978, the Canadian Payroll Association represents over 40,000 payroll professionals in Canada. Often confused with “the other CPA” the Canadian Payroll Association retained Mindshape to develop a new name, new positioning and an inspiring new identity, and a broader objective to transform the Associations value proposition and purpose.

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Leading with knowledge, education and advocacy

Building an employee lead brand from the inside out, we developed a comprehensive brand strategy that elevated not just the Payroll Association, but the entire payroll industry. Based on our in-depth discovery, stakeholder sessions and member research, we transformed the Canadian Payroll Association to the National Payroll Institute with the inspiring brand positioning, At the Heart of Business. Leveraging the new brand strategy, we created a National Brand Activation program to launch the new NPI brand across the country via member events, communications and social connection. The transformation roll-out engaged employees, stakeholder partners, Members and the broader Canadian business community with an integrated "At the Heart of Business" campaign that drove strong brand awareness and new member activation.


Welcome to payroll, welcome to the National Payroll Institute

The brand activation solidified NPI as a strategic imperative among government stakeholders, policy groups and the Canadian business community. Combining a fresh creative approach and a targeted media plan, the national campaign reached over 1.5 million people on LinkedIn, more than 6 million on Facebook with a 42% view rate on YouTube. The campaign also drove increased member applications and new business enrolment, exceeding overall objectives and helping to position NPI at the Heart of Business.


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