Answer the call


Dealerships need to do more than sell cars; they must build customers for life. And that's where CallRevu stands out as a leader in call intelligence software solutions. The challenge was how do we differentiate a technology company in a category that is largely commoditized and pragmatic.


Getting the attention of Dealerships meant selling more than bits & bytes

The solution was simple, zig while everyone else zagged. We identified dealers' pain points, delivered the cure by humanizing the brand, and built an entire brand position around the single idea of "Trusted Advisor."

Introducing Revvy, the smart "call intelligence" friend you can always rely on. He's there to help increase performance, land more sales and provide all the data insights you need to be the number one dealership!


Running three geo-targeted campaigns across Facebook, Tik-Tok and LinkedIn, Revvy shook up the industry and drove +13,000,000 impressions, over 25,000 new engagements and 1,900,000 video views.




new engagements


video views