The hunt for brand love


Growing kids need healthy snacks. GoGo squeeZ® packs goodness into every pouch with real fruit and no artificial anything. But getting the word out and increasing GoGo engagement means giving moms more than healthy snacks; it means giving them a reason to believe. And that's what we're doing every day with GoGo squeeZ; we're helping create holistic brand experiences that connect healthy minds and bodies with better foods and a better planet.


It's more than a healthy snack; it's snack love.

We know this was a busy consumer group who is always hunting for new healthy snacks the family would enjoy. Well, hunt no more. We developed the new GoGo squeeZ website built around the brand attributes of fun, fresh and pure goodness. And, to help with the hunting, we created the GoGo squeeZ scavenger hunt contest to drive engagement and deeper brand connections.


The results proved moms love GoGo squeeZ almost as much as they love a good scavenger hunt. We beat expectations by increasing website sessions by over 500% and over 327,000 page views. Post-program performance drove 8,000+ new engagements on Facebook & Instagram with an estimated earned media value of $350,000. Now that's a reason to believe.


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