Experience is Everything


As a premium brand, Lincoln has always looked to elevate both brand engagement and client experience. In order to stand apart from other premium brands and grow market share, Lincoln Canada recognized the need to create a national program that could amplify brand equity.


Warm, Human, and Personally Crafted

As a strategic partner, Mindshape worked with Lincoln Canada to create the Lincoln Discovery Drive program. Lincoln Discovery Drive is an initiative to increase brand awareness and favourable opinion for potential clients, as well as a way to help drive sales and grow market share simultaneously.

Leveraging insights from the Brand Equity Awareness Tracking (BEAT), Lincoln Canada realized that the most successful way to boost brand opinion was for the client to participate in a unique and immersive experience.
Mindshape developed the Lincoln Discovery Drive program to be focused solely on delighting potential clients with a personally crafted experience. This uniquely designed engagement was built in a way that connects potential clients to the brand both physically and emotionally, bringing “warm, human, and personally crafted” into their own world for a truly memorable Lincoln encounter.


Mindshape’s operational marketing group has driven results for Lincoln nationally with over 30% Lincoln sales conversion. Lincoln Discovery Drive has truly proven to be a valuable niche marketing program, and has played a pivotal role in changing perceptions of the brand and increasing purchase consideration for Lincoln Canada.


percent sales conversion