Where love takes root


Scotts® wanted to create and connect a community of gardeners at every level. To help this community have a place to learn, exchange ideas and see the latest trends, we created a new digital platform: The Plant Project, brought to you by Miracle-Gro®.


Where little miracles grow everyday

Bringing this platform to life meant creating an entirely new experience for the enthusiasts, beginners and deep-rooted gardeners who want to share their love and passion for gardening. Our approach was to keep it simple, elegant, purposeful and more than just a resource. We wanted to replicate the idea of a community garden, a place to share, learn and grow.


From indoor to outdoor, Plant Project has created a community for the love of gardening. We curated a wide range of content, from Plant Tags and Plant Projects to Plants 101 and Learn Together videos. We even created a space for exchanging conversation and ideas called Plant Chat. A space where gardeners share their hard-earned wisdom, tips and tricks.


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