A Brand Vision for the Future


From its early consolidation of fourteen municipalities in 1971, York Region has grown to be one of the largest and most diverse regions in Canada. When planning for the future, York Region understood the need for a consistent and cohesive brand image that would reflect their core values today and their vision for tomorrow. In the spring of 2016, York Region came to Mindshape for a new brand system that would meet the needs and objectives for the Region.


Building a Better Future Together

Building the future together became the brand positioning platform as we helped York Region breakdown their challenges, opportunities, and complexities of creating a cohesive brand. Through extensive research and fact finding, from executive interviews and workshop discovery sessions, to resident and business community outreach, Mindshape was able to collect the insights that informed our recommendations and identified the opportunities for transformation.


One Identity, One Region

A brand sometimes needs to reflect more than a single idea, more than one product or service and more than one style of application. All of this was true for York Region. Not only did Mindshape need to consider the specific needs of multiple brand owners, but we also had to take into account the wide range of storytelling and usage. Capturing the very essence of York Region, the YR Triad device embodies the ownable characteristics of the “Y&R” letter form in an agile and adaptable system that expresses the brand pillars of; Accountability, Progressiveness, Diversity and Excellence.